In Memory: Noorunissa Sandy Goodier


Sandy Davidson Goodier (1945-2015)

On June 25, 2015, the world lost a remarkable human being, Sandy Davidson Goodier. She died unexpectedly in her home. She leaves behind a legion of friends and family who loved her unconditionally, her loving husband Rick Goodier, and her grandson Jacob, of the home. Sandy’s four children, Tracy, Clint, Heidi and Ben, all live in Texas. She would boast of her twelve grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren.

Sandy was passionate about people; a caring human being, she was actively involved in her community. Among her life’s adventures, highlights were a sabbatical cruise around Florida with her husband Rick in Granny’s Rocker, their small sailboat and a pilgrimage to India with Russill Paul.

Sandy visited Eureka Springs in early 1986, and so fell in love that she returned to Texas only long enough to collect her belongings and emigrate immediately.

Her vocation in life to help others was fulfilled by her service as a registered nurse/midwife. She has delivered many babies in Texas and many more here in Arkansas, both at home and in the Eureka Springs Hospital.

Sandy searched throughout her life for spiritual values and experiences. She discovered great worth in her relationship with the Reverend Edie Bird, Vicar of St. James Episcopal Church. Later, she took hand with Sufi Murshid Sherif Baba of the Rifa’i-Marufi Order, and Murshid Khabir Kitz of the Heartsong Retreat Center, and became grounded in the path of Sufism.

Though her life contracted after a serious auto accident in 2005, she never relinquished being an advocate for those in need. Generous and caring for all, she leaves a legacy of humor, love and compassion.

She will be remembered at a celebration at the Walnut Grange in Berryville on Saturday, August 8, 2015. Come and remember Sandy with music, food, drinks and tears. For details, contact: