Rebuilding Campaign

Toward the One 
The Perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty
The Only Being United with all the Illuminated Souls 
Who form the Embodiment of the Master
the Spirit of Guidance

December 1, 2022

Heartsong Retreat Center is announcing a campaign to rebuild cabins. Thankfully, a long-term community supporter has offered a $5,000 challenge grant. The fire last March destroyed the three cabins where visitors stayed. We are now ready to start rebuilding. We are inviting Heartsong supporters to participate as donations will be matched for the first $5,000 that we receive.  

Over a 35-year timespan the Shrine, Bathhouse, Dining Hall, Tea House, Hassan’s Cabin and fourteen acres of land have all been manifested by the support and generosity of the extended community. We intend to maintain the center to carry on our mission statement: “to facilitate one’s inner growth and embody the Sufi message of Love, Harmony and Beauty.” 

Many of us see Heartsong as a legacy for a generation of Sufis. Dances, Zikrs, Universal Worship, Kirtans, Healing Ceremonies, Sweat Lodge, Retreats, Weddings and Funerals over the decades have all built up the baraka in the Shrine and on the land. Many people now regard Heartsong as a place of pilgrimage and refuge. 

In recent years two Heartsong supporters have individually donated cabins to the center. A group of sustainers make monthly donations which support our utilities, taxes and maintenance expenses. 

Please donate to our Rebuilding Fund so that we can continue the blessings into the future and provide comfortable indoor spaces for our retreatants and visitors. You can mail a check to the address below, or you can visit our website: to make a donation via PayPal.

Heartsong is a 501-C3 religious non-profit organization so contributions are tax deductible. Receipts and IRS ID# are available. The telephone contact is Khusrou at 870-861-5812. Address:  Heartsong Retreat Center c/o Khusrou Keltner  HC 33 Box 39 Pettigrew, AR 72752 

In my memory I can see a circle of dervishes dancing in the Shrine. They are singing: 

Listen, Listen, Listen to my Heartsong. x2 

I will never forget you. I will never forsake you. X2 

Listen, Listen, Listen to my Heartsong. x2 

I will always Love you, I will always Serve you. X2 

Let us continue to Love, Serve and Remember. 

Thank You & Peace from Khusrou for the Heartsong Board 

Anna Farishta, Bobby McHaffie, Khusrou Keltner, Basira Tomlinson,
Shekhina Lynn Roy, & Shamsuddin Norton.