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Heartsong Retreat Center Inc. is a non-profit organization which is based on the Sufi teachings of Hazrat Inayat Khan, Murshid Samuel Lewis, Murshida Vera Corda, and one one the greatest mystics and poets the world has ever known, Jelaluddin Rumi.  The spiritual retreat center was founded by Murshid Khabir Don Kitz in 1981 on land next to the Ozark National Forest in Arkansas.

Classes are held on a regular monthly schedule along with workshops, seasonal celebrations, individual and group led retreats. Heartsong has brought to the Ozarks many wonderful camps, trainings, and intensives with beloved world-renowned teachers, including: Shabda Kahn,  Tasnim Hermila Fernandez, Allaudin Ottinger,  Sharif Baba, and  Bilal Hyde.