Fall Ozark Sufi Camp


30th Fall Ozark Sufi Camp
October 5th to 9th, 2012

…A Camp within the Camp (Teachers and their Mureeds)… Zikr-Prayer-Sufi
Teachings, Dances of Universal Peace, Meditation, Healing Temple, Choir,
Talent Show, Teen Camp, Kid Camp, Tea Ceremony.

Spring Ozarks Sufi Camp 2011

….at Camp Rising Sun – Lake of the Ozarks State Park, Missouri

Our Teachers – Khabir Kitz, Nuria Sabato, Allaudin Ottinger, Firdosi Wyrick, Zahir Orest,
Rahimah Sweeney, Hakima Greentree, Amin Kraft, Habib Levinson, Buraq
Olson, & More


We are celebrating 30 years of fabulous fun: Loving, Singing, Dancing, Laughing, Crying,
Learning, Healing, Eating and Praying Together at the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks.
You are all angels in our eyes and the continuing opportunities to share these precious times
are a great gift. Let us explore what your version is of the Heaven we have Co-created!
Love, Jeanie Karima Kuntz and Shamsuddin Jim Norton, Camp Co-Managers

……….full details on this site – Shining Heart Community