April Women’s Retreat

SHARE YOUR HIDDEN TREASURES – Heartsong’s second annual Women’s Retreat will be held Friday, April 26-Sunday, April 28. The idea of the theme is that we each share the treasure of our talents with the others. There is no set fee for the weekend, although a donation to Heartsong is requested. If you are short of funds, scholarships are available.

womens retreat 2012
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Each participant needs to provide food for at least one meal, and help with preparation/cleanup of one meal. Each participant needs to decide what they wish to share-and it can be anything from healing, arts/crafts, leading nature walks, doing healing, doing cleanup and prep either before or after camp, etc.

Here’s a tentative schedule – and below some photos highlighting last year’s event:

Afternoon- Check in, get tents set up (if you wish inside accommodation, let me know), chat, get to know everyone.
5-6 Supper
7-9 Opening Dances

9-Noon -Sharing time
1-2 Clothing Exchange!!! (Bring clothing you no longer want to share with the others-and be ready to try on and get things for yourself)
2-5- Sharing time
7-9- Zikr

8-9 Breakfast
10- Universal Worship honoring the Divine Feminine; closing Dances
Noon-Informal lunch-using up leftovers, making up travel food, etc.

[box type=”shadow”] If you have questions, please email Ayesha If you are planning to come please RSVP as soon as possible – We need to know what food you are bringing and what you are going to share. Also if you will let Ayesha know if your activity/sharing will be for the whole group or if it is for one on one or small groups so we can schedule appropriately.[/box]

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Love and light,
Ayesha Haqqiqa

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